Sarana main building


You should not think, “O, may joy cause rapture in me.” It’s a natural law that one who has joy will readily become rapturous.

≈ Don’t Think, Madhyama Āgama 43

Supporting Sarana

The purpose of offering dana in the Buddha’s teaching is to bring gladness to a giver’s heart before, while and after giving a gift. Our first wish is that anything offered to Sarana generates great Dhamma joy.

Every single kind intention and gesture is a huge support to us and our effort to sustain the vihara; sending a friendly message, sharing a commitment to growing in Dhamma by taking part in our activities, or lending a hand with the day-to-day tasks of running the monastery. It all helps!

There are several ways you can support Sarana:

Bring Dana
Dana bowl
Send supplies
A spread of fruit and vegetables
Help with utility bills
Electrical switches
Make a donation
Candle flame