Vista ventana Sarana


An adornment and requisite for the mind.

Giving, Aṅguttara Nikāya 8.31

Visākhā was a well known lay follower of the Buddha, famous for her great generosity to him and his community. When asked what inspired her to give so much support she explained, “When I recall that, I’ll be glad. The gladness will give rise to joy, and the mental joy will make me tranquil. When I’m tranquil, I’ll feel bliss. And when I’m blissful, my mind will be stilled. In this way I’ll develop the spiritual faculties, the spiritual powers, and the factors of awakening.” (Cīvarak Khandhaka).

Understanding that a joyful mind is an essential foundation for growth in the Buddhist path we want to do everything within our power to properly honour and celebrate every act of kindness shown to us with a deep sense of gratitude. Reflecting back and making much of your goodness is one gift that gives us a lot of joy to offer.

Sharing the joy

Sharing the things we're grateful for can be a beautiful way of amplifying wholesome happiness for ourselves and others. Feel free to send us a message about something you're greatful for.



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